can you ladies tell me about your experiences of depo injection and nexplanon implant if youve had them

hi everyone. hoping you can share your experiences with me. having recently been diagnosed with endo having believed i suffered with it for years im now looking for advice for my teenage daughterd who suffer dreadfully. one of them had depo injection twice and ended up in hospital with suspected burst cyst. other currently has a nexplanon implant and still suffers heavy periods, terrible pain and sickness. and youngest isnt currently taking anything. just want to try to help them alleviate symptoms and increase chances of helping future fertility. thanks

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I had a horrible time with depo provera, I wish I had never been on it. It ate up a good two years of my life with the awful side effects. I experienced horrible joint pain and depression, the worst of my life.

It won't necessarily have those side-effects for the next person, but because it takes a long time to be eliminated from the system, any negative side effects can be experienced for up to 18 months.

i am currently on Depo Injection and i seem to be ok but it ok on some people and some people have reaction to it... i have minor/moderate endo which is on my pouch of douglas and i have even tried the coil (which is the best option) and 4 types of different mini pills and they done really crap on me... food digestion was that bad and i suffered Post Infectious IBS which does not help me at all... but for your daughter i do hope something will help and ask if she can have the coil to see how it goes... good luck for your daughter and hope she is pain free x

thanks for your reply tinker241 can i ask how did they disciver endo was in your pouch of douglas was it with laparascopy. i have only had internal scan and know i have active endo cause of choc cysts and adenyomiosis i wont know until i have hysterectomy where else it is. i suspect on my bowel due to bowel problems. can i akso ask what you mean by your food digestion was bad. thanks

thanks for your reply. i am hopefully going to go to dr with my daughter who has implant to gp as never take her serious wouldnt remove her implant but put her on pill as well which didnt agree with her. she doesnt want injection cause of efrect eldest daughter had. just want them diagnosed so they dont have to suffer for as many years as me.

Hi they discovered my pouch of douglas through laparacopy diagnosed... 3 1/2 years ago... well for an example with the food digestion that i used to eat onions, peas, etc in the past and then i went on the mini pills and it made me so ill after i eat them and next morning and i get severe stomach cramps and ended with diarrhoea and it was awful as i was sweating right though, very sleepy and after it done and i was freezing afterwards and then i had IBS Post infectious which the consultant said to me... grrr.. so i had to cut down on food and then i went on the Depo injection and spoke to my GP about this and it said that being on the Depo reduce the food digestion and it had been and now i cannot eat peas... which i absolutely love... it make my stomach pains a little which i have stopped eating them and eat running beans which i love too... so you need to keep going back until they are better for you and your daughter... and dont give up and it can happen to any age... if the GP wont take you seriously then change doctor who specialised gynae probs as i have a new doctor who joined the practice which she knows about all about gynae probs as my last doctor was fabulous and she put me through the specialist and then consultant without fail and i didnt want to leave it longer as i suffered 1st was polyps and then fibroids and then endo for the last nearly 10 years... i was suffering really bad with polyps and fibroids as i never gave up and kept going back... and hope this is of help to you x

sorry to hear you have all those... hope you are pain free too... but please do not give up and get something to keep you pain free and your daughter too... x


I had the nexplanon implant immediately before I knew I had endo. i found it unpredictable to start with but after a few months it completely controlled my periods and i had no problems at all other than slightly irregular periods, they were monthly-ish. I was on it as a contraceptive and was on it for 2 years so not for endo but I had it removed when I got married to try for a baby and within 1 month started getting really bad endo symptoms and was diagnosed with severe grade 4 endo a few months later. So for me it actually completely 100% masked my endo symptoms for the 2 years I was on it but I do remember it being unpredictable to start with. Interestingly I've now been told by 2 consultants that it probably wouldn't have the same effect now as the endo got so bad in the 18mths after I had it taken out, but I would still be interested in giving it a go again in the future after hopefully having a baby.

Hope you and your daughters find something that helps xxx

Thanks hayls. My daughter has had it for 2 years and 5 months still gets very heavy and painful periods getting worse every month. Still sick on the day her period starts and becoming more frequent. Her previous gp wouldn't remove it gave her pill as well but she suffered bad headaches to. She has just registered with new gp since moving house and I keep telling her the sooner she goes sooner she gets help think she has become despondent. Eldest daughter is awaiting a scan to see what's going on. And my youngest is nearly 17 so I'm looking for solution s for her to.

Thanks for your reply. I can't wait to be pain free.since I saw gynae on 2nd oct when said she said I could have hysterectomy if that's what I wanted I have changed my diet as she won't give me a date for op until I lose two stone. I go back to see her on 4th Dec so have 2 months to lose 2 stone. I also had zolidex injection 11 days ago as I asked what she could prescribe to help with pain until op that wouldn't stop me losing weight. I have cut out all dairy, sugar, caffeine, carbs. I am losing weight. But still having bowel problems andbloating so something isn't agreeing with me still. Used to suffer with constipation then diarroeha presently just very constipated. I'm still in terrible pain I know it's only 11 days since I had zolidex but I started getting hot sweats on day four and have had fuzzy head and lots of pain. Usually day 9-10-11 of my cycle is pain free but not this month agony yest and today. Just don't rate her opinion very high at mo and considering going back to gp to ask about second opinion. But also want to help my three daughters who have various problems and not much help from go and all have different gp as two have left home. Shame there isn't more helpful/understanding doctors. Sorry to go on. Lol

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