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How many of you suffer from fatigue?



I'm new to the forums but I've just got back from the gyne and I'm so frustrated. I tried explaining to her how fatigue is becoming very much a problem and wanted to know what I can do to help it and she's told me that it's probably nothing to do with my endo and that not many women report symptoms of fatigue. Is this true? I thought it was best to ask people who actually experience endo as I have now seen 2 gynes and neither seemed very helpful. I know I only have 2 very small patches of endo on my pelvic wall but my symptoms have got much worse this year and as it now affects my day to day living I want to try and improve my symptoms as best I can.

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I have recently found out that I had Endo. Over the last 2 years I noticed that I was becoming very tired for no apparent reason. The last 6 months I have suffered a tiredness that was beyond belief. So many of my friends were telling me I looked washed out, I assumed it was because I was a working mum, at college, and just generally running around like a looney as one does! Have a read of the information on the link, you'll find it interesting. Hope it helps.

Sonny x

Bluetit in reply to sonnybelle

Hi Sonny,

Thanks for your reply. This is the conclusion I had that it was linked but now I'm being told it rarely is and that apparently we tend to only suffer with fatigue if we have been up all night in pain. I'm so confused, after suffering for 10 years I am now finding it a challenge which is leading to depression.

hi , i also suffer with fatigue. even on my good days when i think i can take on the world i end up paying for it by being shattered for days after. i used to be so active, i was always out with friends/family i never wanted to be in house -these days im the oppisite and iv lost alot of friends because of it. iv put on 3 stone and my whole life is affected by this horrible fatigue.i totally sympathise with u and other ladies who feel this way. iv tried everything to help myself but nothing works. goodluck hun. x claire x

Hey Blue, unless someone suffers from endo they really cannot comment as to how it will make you feel, so it is not helpful to be told it is not likely to make you feel tired, I'm assuming by your doctor. My doctor has told me over the last two years that my symptoms were irritable bowel syndrome and my age, even though I was in unbelievable pain, tired and throwing up when I had my period. I was sent away with painkillers. The last six months have been truly awful, and the fatigue debilitating. I was coming home from work and falling asleep, I did wonder what was wrong. I have taken the pressure off myself now and make sure I get plenty of rest and finish work on time. I still feel tired, but I am trying to manage it a bit better. I am so sorry that you are feeling depressed, is there another doctor you are able to speak to who will listen to you? Don't let this get on top of you hun, feel for you x x x x x x x x x

Im very tired, can fall asleep so easily. I have felt like this with the last year progressively getting worse. Ive been going back and forth to doctor since i was 16 and was always told ibs or pains were down to an accident i had when i was younger and put my pelvis out of place. I harassed my doctor from may last year then kept going in from February this year asking them to look into it more. Luckily my gyno did tell me about fatigue being part of endo and going through my other symptoms explains a lot and seems to be down to the endo so is unsure exactly how long i have actually had it for. But if i ever had a cold or anything id fall asleep at the dinner table anywhere i sat down. I have always been active with horses and my dogs. I spoke to my doctor today and she said as well about my fatigue theirs nothing they can do i just need to adjust to it. Im sorry to hear depression is creeping in and fully sympathies with you as i can feel really down about it all myself, hope you feel better and brighter xxx

Hello from Minnesota!!

My fatigue was ruining my life a year ago! I gained 50 lbs even though I barely ate. I would sleep all night and then nap every day. I was prescribed phentermine by my doctor. It gave me insane energy and I lost 60lbs. The effects of Phentermine do slowly stop working. I am not a depressed person, but I did notice the more tired I was, the more down I felt. When the fatigue sets in, I would feel hopeless. Have you noticed a change in your mood and emotions when you're most tired? When I got off the phentermine, I started Welbrutin and have had pretty good results. My doc told me i should help my mood, sex drive and energy. I am still fatigued, but I don't get the depression with it anymore.

For some people, the pain is unbearable, for others it is the fatigue. For me, it is the fatigue by far. Remember, this is an autoimmune disease. Our bodies have to work so much harder because of this; of course this is going to wear is down. Also, being in pain makes your body tired.

I've learned that support groups (such as this) and research is going to serve us best. It's unfortunate that doctors don't even try to understand our condition. I think you know in your gut that your fatigue is Endo related. Trust and continue to educate yourself; you are your best advocate. If you Google "endometriosis fatigue 2013" that will be a good start.

Good luck dear!!!

Hi guys thanks so much for the comments and support, I've not been able to get on recently due to the changes made to the forum. Depression has disappeared and just feeling a bit down from time to time but that's usually when my hormones are raging. I've started to work a few less hours and been trying to get more iron in me and it seems to be helping as long as I'm not in pain but then other days fatigue is still there. Your comments really helped me through and I'm waiting for blood test results at the moment to check nothing else is wrong. It was my gynae that made the comments to me, I'm seeing her again next month and if I get no joy ill be swapping for the 3rd time. Hope your all well xxx

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