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Treatment options

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Hello everyone!

I have posted on here a few times in my hours of need and have always had a great response so here is hoping to some more advice! I’ll keep it brief:

April 2017 - diagnostic lap confirming and removal of stage 4 endometriosis

June 2017 - February 2018 I had Zoladex injections (personally I found them amazing but I am aware of the side effects)

April 2018 - had the coil inserted under GA which resulted in excruciating pain

April - July frequent visits to GP resulting in a transvaginal (sorry if I spelt it wrong) scan which confirmed the coil wasn’t there a further X-ray located it stuck in the lining of my bowels

July - I had a further laparoscopy and hysteroscopy (again sorry if I spelt it wrong) to remove the coil. This wasn’t without its problems and I ended up with an infection in my womb and wounds which ended up in hospital for 7 days!

Having spoke to my consultant i found out that when they inserted the coil they perforated my womb as they didn’t know I have a tilted womb! I’m not too sure how they wouldn’t know that but hey...

I also started bleeding Saturday last week which is very heavy and exceptionally painful. My doctor believes my cervix are going into spasm which I’ve never heard of before?

So this brings me to my question after all of the above I’ve been told that I have exhausted all treatment options and my only choice is to have a hysterectomy!! Personally, as a young girl in her mid 20’s with no children I believe this to be extreme!

Side note: I can’t take any form of the pill due to some hereditary family thing (not too sure what it is, may be DVT)

Can anyone tell me treatments they have which are different and some advice. On my worst days I actually contemplate it and I know I would regret it.

Sorry for the loooooong essay but if someone anyone please offer advice xo

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You have been through a lot and what a journey for you! Yeah 20s is young to have a hysterectomy but I guess if that’s what the GP is saying will help your symptoms then I think it’s something to consider. I was told at my appointment that hysterectomy is uncommon now so for them to have suggested it then they must be pretty sure it would help you greatly. It’s difficult if you want family, can you discuss other options for having a family with your GP x

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