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Nerve block



I had my first ever nerve block today. I found the whole process awful, partially due to the staff rudeness and the whole thing not being explained.

I had the injection on my lower right side just under my hip bone, it bloody hurt!

I then went on to have a poor recovery, dizziness and vomiting and one of the worst endo flares of my life (instant swelling, screaming in pain) they wanted to admit me to gynae but it’s not new pain and at that point they hadn’t given me anything so I wanted the comfort of my own home and meds.

I’m home now, less sick but still feeling bad endo pain and pain from the injection (which I thought would be numb?) really disappointed.

Has anyone else been through this?

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I had a nerve blocking injection in February but it didn’t help at all. I didn’t notice any reduction in pain and the process was very painful too. Didn’t have the same side effects as you though. So sorry you had such a bad experience.

Hope you’re feeling better soon xx

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