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Good Evening, I am new to this site & pleased I have come across Endometriosis UK as nobody in my family suffers from gynaecology issues so already finding it helpful to read your posts. I’m 37 & started having issues with lady problems the start of 2017. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis (pain, ouch) & adenonyosis (womb growing into bowel). I suffer heavy periods & “flooding, pain whereby I have to be given morphine.

Due to have a laparoscopy soon, waiting on date & nervous already! They want to check that I definitely have endometriosis.

Since part of my issue is with my bowel too, when under they may have to get the bowel surgeon in. Anyone else going through this?

Feeling nervous & anxious already!

I have stretch marks on my body so use to having “scars”, not looking forward to scars on my stomach though. How many incisions did you have?

Thanks for reading!


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Hi :)

I had my lap in June, I was absolutely terrified and nervous however it was perfectly fine! You'll need to take some slippers, a dressing gown and something to distract yourself with like a book or word search, this is helpful for after the operation too. There's quite a bit of waiting afterwards because they can't let you leave until you pee and it is ridiculously hard for some reason. Everyone at the hospital is lovely and they will happily chat away to you. There is always the option of a pre-med if you do get too anxious.

I have three incisions on my stomach two on my left side and one on the right. There is also the belly button incision. For a little while your belly button is going to look weird, it won't even look like a belly button but once the swelling goes down and it heals up it looks perfectly fine. My other incisions are tiny! They are still red of course but they look like little cuts. I've been sporadically putting bio oil on them and they are looking good! I don't scar too pretty and these are looking better than I every expected.

I don't have any endo on my bowel but there are plenty of others on here who can give you some more information about that.

If you have any questions ask away :D .

Good luck for your lap!


Hi RoseM6 thanks so much for your response! I will need my big girl pants on that day & sure all will be okay. They have already said I will be in overnight so I will take plenty with me to keep me occupied! Hope you are feeling much better now x


Hi all that glitters and everyone else who suffers from endo.

I was diagnosed a few years back after a long time suffering in silence. I had a lap 18months ago and really it was fine!!! I had 4 tiny incisions and they healed great. I instantly felt better and my recovery went well. I also had mirena coil fitted shortly after to ensure I kept any future symptoms at bay. Things were fab for about 12 months bit I'm sad to say it's back... seems a common thing..... I may go back for more surgery, waiting to see gynae consultant. I guess the thing to get straight in your mind is learning to live with endo. I has adhesions from my bladder on to my c section scar too, which have possibly reattached... i am trying to be positive about it all. Its so easy to feel down and depressed, been there. I am determined not to let it get to me. I can't believe how many women suffer from endo. It's unreal!!! How strong are we all to endure this and still get up and keep going!!!!! We must be warriors!!!

Not so much help i fear, more of a moan, but remember you are not alone!!!!!

X x x x


Hi Katie1982, you are right we are warriors. It’s such a painful thing to go through. It also leaves me feeling exhausted and I could sleep and sleep, never feel refreshed! I personally feel that sanitary towels, tampons etc should be free if you suffer from a gynae problem! Hope you are having a good day today x


Ah I'm afraid to say that unfortunately you won't be wearing any pants when it's time for the operation ;) . The nurse told me just before I got wheeled away.

It's good they have told you that you'll be in overnight. At least you can plan that way and there is no pressure to pee.


Hi RoseM6 yeah I thought that when I typed it haha no pants! All dignity goes out the window doesn’t it 🤣 when I got my investigations there were 6 people in the room #embarassing! X

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Hey, I had my lap a couple of weeks ago and honestly it’s nothing to be nervous about. I have a massive fear of hospitals but the nurses/surgeon/ anaesthetist were so nice, I was calm all morning.

Take some form of entertainment as you could be waiting a while and a dressing gown/slippers.

I have two incisions, one in my bellybutton which I hate and one on my bikini line that’s so small it just looks like razor cut tbh. I remember as soon as I woke up, I was checking my stomach to count the plasters 😂 xx


Thanks princessk09 like your name :) glad that others are like me and it’s reassuring to know that the experience is alright. I guess it’s the unknown! Our wonderful NHS are superstars and thank goodness we have them in this country x


Hi the nervousness is perfectly normal. My first op I had one incision and second op I had four (3 of my sites had two cuts) so in total I have 7 scars on my belly and one inside my belly button. My GP used to work for a plastic surgeon and said he sore by using Nivea in the blue pot to help scaring after surgery. Wishing you a speedy recovery xx


Hi cupcake1617, thanks for the tip as I have some of that cream at home. Do you know if the surgery still goes ahead if you are having your period? Maybe a silly question but I forgot to ask the hospital that x


It still goes ahead, I was due on my period the day of my operation so I asked :)


Okay thank-you 💕


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