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Shooting pains up vagina

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help. I’ve had such a swollen stomach for about 3 weeks, and now almost every time I sit down the shooting pains up my vagina are just horrible. I finished my period 3/4 weeks ago, but I’m on the coil so I don’t have them very regularly at all. It’s hurting to walk and sit. Once I’m sat it’s okay, but it’s the initial sitting down. I know I have endo on my bowel, but ibs wise everything is fine.

Please, has anyone else had this? I’m starting to get concerned!

Thank you in advance,

Bee x

2 Replies

Yes!! I've been in so much agony before that my husband was looking online for a way to remedy this and he came across this tip to microwave a bowl of uncooked rice for 2 mins and then pour it into a sock, then press on the sore area. The heat compress really seems to help and I actually find that it puts me to sleep! :)

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Bee_22 in reply to beatingendotogetha

Thank you for this! I’ll definitely give it a try! I’ve been thinking what it could be (after the drs ruled out UTI etc) and the only thing I can think is ovulation pain, because now I’m feeling fine.

We don’t half go through some rubbish! Hope you’re doing okay!

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