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Heavy periods on pill, ultrasound normal

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I've always had painful periods. I've been taking the contraceptive pill for years and they are still heavy and very painful. I've finally gone to the GP who agreed things didn't sound right and referred me for transvaginal scan. That came back normal but I just feel like something is not right. I am worried I may have endometriosis and think I should push for a referral. Surely they shouldn't be this painful on the pill.

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Push for a referral love, a “normal” scan means absolutely nothing if endometriosis is the culprit. I had normal scans, normal ‘standard’ blood tests but knew something was wrong. 15yrs of fighting and I finally got a diagnosis which confirmed 25yrs of severe stage IV endometriosis & most of my organs were all stuck together and I was close to a kidney failing all due to Endo, untold damage done, all because doctors didn’t react quick enough & said I was making my pain up. A laparoscopy is the only true gold standard way of diagnosing endometriosis. I did pay for a tumour market test ((Ca125) which came back elevated which can be suggestive of suggested endometriosis and an initial examination by a gynaecologist in Sydney made her suspect something didn’t feel quite right & I paid privately for a lap.

Definitely push for a referral, too many times do I read people are putting too much faith in a GP & being fobbed off- if u feel something isn’t right you push to see a consultant. You shouldn’t have this much pain x

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Thanks for taking the time to reply. My GP had thought it might be a fibroid, again, doing reading online suggests if this were the culprit it could also have been missed on the transvaginal scan. I will call the doctor on Monday and ask for another appointment to get a referral

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