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No treatment for endo?


I have recently had a laparoscopy to get to the bottom of the pelvic pain I am having on my left side. I had a scan which diagnosed possible endo and with the pain I was having I knew it was endo some of the doctors said ovulation pain I have experienced Mittelschmerz before, this was how I got pregnant before on the 2nd occasion as I timed it to this and I know this pain was not this. Anyway along with the pain I have been struggling to get pregnant for 2 years. I have a child of 7 and had a missed miscarriage coming up 3 years ago.( I had to have a medical management, I was over 12 weeks.) Anyway I signed my paperwork to consent to the laparoscopy which said treat possible endo and also do dye test through my fallopian tubes. Anyway had the procedure and when I came round gynaecologist told me right ovary was fine but left had endo on it and was stuck to my pelvis. She said there is not much we can do but help with the pain by using contraception but if you are trying for a pregnancy there is not much point in this. Anyway she went on her way whilst I recovered from the surgery. I am so confused though as I thought I would be having my endo treated, as that is what it said in my consent form. I then got a letter sent to my home a few days later which was a copy of the report to the doctor. Which said tubal patency test performed and diagnoses of endo. Found mild to moderate endo on left ovary and it was fixed and tethering to pouch of Douglas. After the op the gynae asked how severe is your pain and recently it hasn't been too bad but in the past I had a sharp pain which shot though my pelvis. I am not not having any pain at all but I am taking paracetamol and ibuprofen if needed. I know my endo has been left as I have the pain now with my period, I am a week post op. I also have a condition, premature ovarian insufficiency which I was also diagnosed with this year. I am still having periods but I have a reduced ovarian function. I am just confused as to why the endo was left. My gynae didn't mention anything about the reason why this was. I have another appointment next month which is obviously to discuss what happens next, but I know I will be told again that my best option is ivf. Which I just cannot afford. Does anyone have any similar experience? I am just so fed up now and don't know what to do next. I keep being told to keep trying but I know that after over 2 years this is unlikely. Previously I got pregnant with both pregnancies within 2 months of trying and knew there was something wrong this time around when I went to the doctors after a year, 18 months then 2 years had past and a locum doctor reffered me to a gynaecologist. I know I am luckier than most as I have a wonderful child, but it breaks my heart when they say I would love a brother and sister. My child still remembers when I miscarried, which also was a multiple pregnancy so my tummy had also started growing very quickly. Sorry for long waffling pat but thought I would give some background info to see if anyone else has has similar experience to me. No one I know has these problems and I just feel so alone. Thanks for reading.

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Hi, I've been trying for my first for the last 7months and no bfp yet.I recently went to see a fertility specialist and because of the pain in my navel that coincides with my monthly period,he suspects i have umbilical endometriosis.He suggested i get hsg test to see how my fallopian tubes are,figured once I get pregnant the endometriosis will go into remission.Even though I haven't had a laparoscopy to diagnose the endo.My hsg test showed i have adhesions in fimbriae which is preventing me from conceiving.They are partially blocked distally.There was loculated spillage.My doctor advised i go for IVF.I went home and researched online and came across an enzyme called serrapeptase.I started taking it today.A lot of women have had success with it.It dissolves the adhesions,scarring and reduces inflammation.There is a lady there who got pregnant with endometriosis and only one tube that was blocked initially.Please Google that and it may be an option you want to explore.Am hoping it works for me too,IVF should be the very last option

Hi, There's alot of bowel that side. The pouch of Doulgas is a difficult space which can get bedded down and scarred also the spine , bowel, girl bits are so near. In the left lower back there is the scacrel nerve, this causes lots of pain for many illnesses and also reflected pain across the pelvis. Theres no quick fixes. Get the inflammation down, keep the bowel moving, Rest the pelvis , little bending, twisting, walking on uneven surfaces. Any excerise should be gentle , slow. Simple floor movements. Try a TENS machine. place electrodes at widest point across the back of pelvis, try 1st the setting for backpain. You find a different setting that suits you. Turn on til you brain registers the pulse for a few mins then turn down til you bearly can feel it or not feel it. Within about 10mins the pain should become gated from the brain. It is trial and error, but it can give relief.

I am sorry. I read all these messages and see myself, my story so similar to many, the suffering over my life and wish to help others.

Joy x

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