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Is my endometriosis getting worse?


I was diagnosed with endometriosis back in 2012 at the age of 18 following an MRI they thought my bowel had become attached to my uterus lining and also there was some in my right ovary. Long story short I fell pregnant so could not go ahead with my laproscopy until after the birth although they did say pregnancy can reduce endo significantly and only to go back if I had symptoms. A few months after I had my son I started feeling them again so was sent for a laproscopy in 2016 for them to tell me that my bowel and uterus was fine (which although was a relief was very confusing as they seemed certain they were going to need to be lasered apart.) But I did have a small spot on my right ovary (they did not say they removed this). However 2 years on I’m starting to feel how I did all over again, bad pain in right leg and ovary area most of the month but especially during menstural cycle. Fatigue, bloated constantly. I have also been passing clots (sorry if tmi) and very dark blood at the start of my period.

Is it worth going back to the doctors to see if it has worsened or because it was such a minor spot on my ovary will they not be to bothered? Hate feeling like I’m wasting their time and mine but it’s been worsening for many months now 😞


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Hi sorry you’re symptoms seem worse.

I’d go back and see you’re GP at least. Try and get another MRI. Its so confusing when different medical professionals tell you totally different things and in such a vague way.

Don’t let you’re symptoms keep getting worse and not get checked. I know everything seems such a battle always having to push for answers.

I wish you luck. Take care xx

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