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Post laparoscopy/coming off zoladex


Hey everyone, I wondered some advice if possible. I had my laparoscopy last Wednesday and the surgeon removed the endometriosis and adhesions. I’m not coming off zoladex and the HRT but not quite sure what to expect in terms of when it will all be out my system. I’m stopping the HRT now and had I was due for my injection 2 weeks ago but didn’t have it due to surgery.

Any advice as to what to expect would be great. I found my emotions were all over the place when I went on it all and that I seem to store more fat round my tummy whilst on it. I’ve of course had hot flushes but the HRT has helped.

Thanks in advance! Xx

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Hi. I had a lap for endo which was followed by 6 months of Zolodex. As soon as I came off Zolodex I got pregnant. Due to the bits of my body they removed during the lap and the condition of the bits that were left, and the endo, we were told having any more kids was unlikely. I was over the moon to be pregnant again though and my little miracle is now 11 years old. I guess the advice I can give you is if you don’t want any more kids then be careful as it’s possible your body will go into hyper fertility mode! Best of luck.

Evening Sar

I had my laparoscopy march 2018 .. after last year they found two chocolate cysts (via ultrasound)

During my laparoscopy they found serve endometriosis and removed the two chocolate cysts.

I am now on a six month course of Zoladex until my next operation.

I have found some of the side effects I have had so far-

Hot flushes

Headache/migraines (but that was only for a few days 2 weeks after the first injection)

Memory fuzzy

Joint achy (but I have been taking an extra calcium vitamin to help with joints)

No bleeding *since having the injection*


Maybe like you said a bit more “pouch” like where they inject the implant.

I think for what the injection is doing those it is definitely worth it!

Just thinking about the next stage after my second surgery.. as I don’t want the endometriosis to be removed and then be in the same position a year later.

Hope some of my message has helped .. let me know if you have any questions/ want to talk

Rachel xx

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