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Zoladex and adeno pain


Zoladex - does it help adeno pain ?

Hi I’ve just been diagnosed with Adenomyosis . Been in constant pain in abdomen , groin, pubic bone and inner thighs for three years

I’ve had one monthly shot of Zoladex . The idea is to have 3 mo this Zoladex treatment , of otbhelps with the pain, then have a hysterectomy

I had the first injection 3 weeks ago

The first 5 days were hell, couldn’t eat anything or get out of bed . The Livial HRT. GAve me really bad headaches so I stopped taking hem after two days . I then got really emotional and depressed and couldn’t stop crying . Went back to see Gynae and she gave me HRT Patches . The patches seem to be working and I feel fine again , but the pain is very much still there ,

I can’t seem to have a glass of wine without a massive headaxhe, not sure if that’s he HRT patch or the Zoladex ?

Anyway, my question is whether to have the 2nd Zoladex implant next week ? That would mean I would be on it whilst on holiday abroad with three kids ,

Does it take a while for the adeno symptoms to go with the Zoladex or has the Zoladex not made any difference to you ?? I don’t want to keep having the injection of it doesn’t help with the pain

I have already decided on a hysterectomy .

Any advice re Zoladex implants , and adeno pain greatly recovers along with Zoladex side effects advice

Thanks sommuxh

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Hi zoledex stopped my periods, so I have no pains now at all... But after every injection (im on my 3rd) I've had a head ache shortly afterwards. But this only lasts for a few hrs.

The zoledex has given me hot flushes constant... Worse here in England.

But I managed, a holiday abroad recently... Hot flushes seemed not too bad.

But drinking on zoledex... Ment a very bad Hangova..even after a couple of vodkas I felt poorly.... Not sure if this is the meds but I read someone's post and they said the same that there tolerance to alcohol was very Dillon the zoledex.

I was told hrt would be putting the hormone eastrogen back into ya body which is what you dont want if it is to help rid u of the Endo pains./periods.

Ive not tried patches... But was given a meds think it Livial to help with the side effects of zoladex... But i had several headaches and Couldn't cope so gave up.

Maybe u should speak to your doc or nurse and ask advice. Sorry I could Nt be more help full hun xxx

Fayed in reply to Plow-13

Thanks , thus very helpful. I also tried the Livial hrt and it gave me awful headaches so I also stopped

After 25 days the adeno pain is still there so I’m not sure I’m going to go for my second jab as I do t want to feel rubbish on holiday

Does anyone have any advice that the adeno pain will get better with second jab !?

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