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Milk thistle

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After going back and forward to the doctor and not really getting anywhere I was speaking to the local pharmacy and she recommended probiotics for ongoing thrush and bacterial vaginosis problems also milk thistle has been recommended to me for endometriosis has anyone else tried any herbal remedies I will literally try anything at the moment I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere else with the hormone injection I am on (prosap)

Any advice would be really grateful I'm so fed up at the moment nothing seems too help my problems and pains


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I have not tried milk thistle but have heard it can be useful.

For me-

Frozen peas

Tens machine


Limit products in your house with hormone

Go organic as you can

I take the qularia pill to

No red meat

De caff or fruit tea

Good luck πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

Caru in reply to Hopeful82

Thank you I will have a look into getting a tens machine and watch more what I eat πŸ’•

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