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Zoladex ending, what to expect

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Hi ladies,

I wondered if anyone could help.

I am coming to the end of 6 months of zoladex (that has been a journey I won’t be taking again) I’m on livial hrt. I just wondered when people’s periods returned and also when they could start the contraceptive pill again? Do I have to wait for a period or can I just start from day 28? My gp doesn’t seem to know. I’m seeing a new consultant on Tuesday morning. My main problem is my skin has never been as bad as it is now, I’m covered in acne, I know it’s nothing as bad as the pain but when I say covered I mean embarrassingly bad my back, chest and face, in this heat I can’t wear a low cut top. I’m going on holiday in 2 weeks and I need to do something about this. The hot sweats probably aren’t helping the situation either. TIA

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Hi can I ask has the Zoladex eased your pain? I'm 2.5 weeks into my first implant cycle when does the pain ease in your experience? I've just had a colonoscopy yesterday and no endometriosis was found in my bowel which is a relief. So fed up with the pain! Are you having a hysterectomy next or are you too young? Good luck, enjoy your holiday the sun will help clear up your skin. Thank you in advance. X

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Hi Tinkerbell16,

The start of zoladex was awful, my pain eased around month 3/4 if I’m honest and I still have niggles now, my bowels still not right but the back pain and pelvic pain has calmed down now. But I would say it got a lot worse than it did better. Around week 2/3 I had a period and it was the worst yet for how much blood I lost, if this hasn’t happened yet for you just be aware you’ll need plenty of sanitary products, I think it’s the norm for the body to do have a big one before it completely shuts down. Good luck with the treatment, any questions if I can help I’m happy too.

I’m 28, no children which I do want I’m seeing a bsge specialist on Tuesday to talk through my next options xx

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