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Early menopause

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Hi there, my gynaecologist put me on Decapeptyl monthly injections last month as I have bad endo. 10 surgeries for removing cysts and still in pain !!! Anyways I’ve been bleeding everyday since I started the Decapeptyl next week I am due for my 2nd injection but I’m struggling with the bleeding everyday and depression. I’d much rather have my period for the 11 days and the pain than bleed every day and feel like crap. Can anyone shed any light on their experiences please ? Thank you.

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For me Decapeptyl was not good i didn’t suffer from bleeding but it was terrible less than two months with my period after I stopped the injections the cyst appeared again but lupron was more better than Decapeptyl

Thank you I’m back at gyne next week maybe ask them about that. Thanks

Hope you can find something helps you but please read about them before going to the doctor because lupron was great treatment for me but i read terrible things about it with other people like the sides effects

Now i have the cyst i would kill myself in order to take lupron but the doctor didn’t suggest it for me

Hormonal treatments have long term sides effects

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