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Appointment outcome


Hi ladies ,

Well for once I could have kissed that doctor instead of wanting to cry at them!!

Went in and explained all my symptoms and the painful examinations etc & straight away he said that he would put money on it being endo & is booking me in for a lap !!!!

I am so happy ! Of course I’m majorly anxious about my lap as I have a fear of hospitals and also because of the risks which can occur , but I feel so happy to have been listened to and to know that it’s not just me who thinks something isn’t right !! I am starting uni in September and then am hoping to have a career in children and youths & im finally optimistic about this , rather than feeling like my illness and pain is inadequate .

Hope you are all well xx

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I’m so happy for you!! I wish this could have been my gynae outcome. Hope everything goes smoothly for you in regards to lap etc xxx

Thankyou so much !!! I feel very lucky after some of my GP appointments and because of the lovely people still suffering xxx

That's great news, hang on to that doctor for as long as you can! Good luck for your lap xx

Lucy_x in reply to SarahMia227

Thankyou so much ! It wasn’t even the doctor I was supposed to have , but so glad I did ! Xx

Thankyou so much , I’m sure I’ll be more apprehensive nearer the time , but for now I can breathe and feel relieved! Hope you are ok xx

So happy for you! Good luck for your lap xx

Lucy_x in reply to princessk09

Thank you very much xxx

Great to read you are feeling so positive. Long may that energy last. Thank you for your update!x

So pleased for you! It's amazing how much better you feel when someone actually listens to you and recognises that there's something wrong. Keep up with your positivity, and good luck for your lap and uni in September xx

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