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Hi im new and wondering about costs of laproscapy privatly.

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I had the chance resently to have one done through the nhs and I turned it down beacuse I was so worried. Iv been told I would have to go through the whole referal again if I changed my mind which will be lengthy. Just thinking about going private so its all over amd done with quickly. I have had endo symtoms for years and my mother and grandma both had hysterectomys because of endo. Any advice is much appreciated x

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you could try sending a letter to the consultant who saw you, explain your nerves, family history etc. if they are sympathetic they could contact your GP etc. this isn't usual but it couldn't hurt to try. if you address it to the consultants secretary they will pass it to the consultant (this way it doesn't end up in a random 'pigeon hole' or lost in the hospital post).

Thank you for your reply. I have booked to see my gp again following joining this site. I will ask if theres any way to speed up the process as iv been seen by the gyane at the hosp with in the last 6 months. Thank you again, hope you are well.

Hey, at spire Manchester, it would of cost me £3009 however if they found anything on my bowel or bladder, I would of have had to pay more for another surgeon.

I contacted PALS who work with the nhs and they have managed to get me a lap in 3 weeks time. I’ve been waiting for 8 months roughly but it was a battle to get a lap and had to see 7 different gynaes. Xx

Really thats such a battle! Good that you've got on so soon in the end even though youve been waiting 8 months. Im kicking my self for not being put on the list when I got the opportunity. Im hoping I have one before christmas but not hopful. I know my dad would possibly help me out money wise but id hate the idea of if they found like you say anything on bowel or bladder cost creeping up. (Mums was attached to her bowel) x

Yeah like I went for a consultation there and don’t get me wrong, the gynae was amazing and so was the place but they charged me £14 for a pelvic exam.

So you have to be careful as they can add things on without telling you sometimes xx

Yes iv no dout id get good and quick treatment but I just dont want to end up in debt over it all. Will have to see how far I get going back to doctors. Hope your lap all gos well. Xx

I had one done through Spire in April, I think it cost about £2240 but I can’t remember exactly. It wasn’t too bad, more uncomfortable than painful, but please don’t put it off because you’re worried. Like you, I went private for it because I wanted it over with quickly and although I didn’t get the answers I was hoping for, it was worth it x

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