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Another MeToo Situation - Cancer Risk ?


Is there a cancer risk if endometrial thickening & 10mm chronic utis acute 3 weekly as cannot tolerate catheterisation & Disability found as a result yet again ignored? Now lip -lymphoedema stage 2 & spinal spasticity spasms .My Grandmother had 28lb cyst .My Late Mother Multi Infart Dementia & Tias !

When asked gynaecologist re hysterscopy she didn't want to know about prognosis , genetics , family history or reducing risk she appeared to be stuck in here & now after waiting a year Fast Tracking ?} & self funding testing .

Could this be another way in which we are discriminated against when Drs directed via remit & Contract ? to our early demise!

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I have no doubt that there inequalities when it comes to women's healthcare. it's something I've been looking at recently and I've discovered that women are frequently scored lower on the pain scale than men (by both female and male healthcare professionals) in A+E we are left ,on average, 15 mins longer than men to receive analgesia. we are far more likely to be offered anti-depressants by our GP's than men and that's what I've discovered so far by looking at research. as for funding it's been very hard to try and discover any figures, but if you take the current theory that 15% of women probably have endometriosis, this compares with the current 15% of the population who have type 2 diabetes, therefore gynae care should get about half the funding that type2 diabetes does, from my initial look at figures we don't even get a quarter of that - but, someone with better math would be need to work it out properly, and I haven't included all gynae care just endo. don't know if this is helpful but if you are refused a referral 3 times at your GP you can complain to the practice manager. remember to make it clear to the GP your asking that it's your 3rd request. hope you get some help and support soon.

In a book on best Drs re Specialisms, Amazon sent an out of date one yet not one of the Urologists - noted- dealt with women .Now its uro-gynae if you have had children suspect ?Not if there a predisposition in your & your family history?

Why have I had to self fund investigation when over 65+ . The hospital technicians [ on remits?] are refusing when saw a Prof for 30+ years because of disability but had no flexibility Or ability to do his job appropriately because of contracts & remits .So when moved procedures had been organised by receiving LA to ignore .

By the way not one Medic has done genetic testing despite requests ? I wonder why? This is outrageous !

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