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Having my second lap stage 4 endo

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Hi im having my second lap next Monday i have been told my surgery will be around 4 hours long. It will be a very intensive surgery as my endo is around my bowel system, womb, uterus, bladder and ovaries.

I have been given picolax to clear my bowel system i need to take that the day before my opp and only allowed fluid until the morning.

Feeling very nervous.

Any advice on how long recovery will be and if anyone else has experienced the same.

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Hello :-)

I had what sounds like a similar procedure, although had 2 bowel surgeries at the same time, hence needing picolax. Mine lasted 4 hours too and was started about 2pm.

The picolax took a while and I was dreading it as if heard it was foul but mixed it with Ribena and it was fine. I did need some metanium for a sore bottom a few hours before I went in but it was never horrendous.

Woke up in recovery about 6.15, felt fine but obviously drugged up as I was drowsy until about 10pm when I was moved to the ward. Had tea and biscuits at 2am which was nice, then visited by the Drs the next day who said I could go home whenever. I felt oddly well. I had excision surgery this time, whereas before I'd had laser treatment and I felt so much better this time. I just felt like I had had an operation but wasn't in pain. Didn't need oramorph, just normal pain killers.

Decided to stay in another night as I'm rubbish with anaesthetic and throw my guts up, which actually hurt more than generally moving, but all in all, came home, had a BBQ in the garden (all done by my husband and family) and enjoyed the weather. I was able to potter from house to garden all week without too much difficulty but was told not to lift anything heavier than a kettle for 3 weeks. My husband was able to work from home for the 1st week just in case I needed anything but I used him through laziness than necessity really. Also helpful having him for washing/showering support.

I'm now 7 weeks and although feeling better in myself, had to get signed off more as I can't drive far yet, which is part of my job, but hoping for week 8-9. I take paracetamol now as required and can do light housework and bits. I think if I had a job 10 mins away I could potter or rest as required, I'd have been back at 6 weeks.

I hope this helps. Good luck with everything. Feel free to ask anything if you'd like :-) x

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