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It’s becoming unbearable


Sorry for complaining so much recently but I’ve just started my period and the pain is so much worse than last month. No painkillers or hot water bottles can help and I can’t stop being sick and have severe nausea along with blood in my stool (sorry tmi)

It’s actually unbearable and I don’t know what to do. My doctor just says they can’t do anymore until my lap which is gonna be months away 😫

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Go to A&E.

princessk09 in reply to joreilly

I can’t get there as my parents are at work. What would they do at A&E?

Go to a&e, They’d give you effective pain killers and check your bloods and urine incase it’s something else, maybe even give you a scan to check for burst cysts if the pains extreme as burst cysts can sometimes be very bad, and it would also go on your medical records so maybe you GP would prescribe you stronger pain killers to keep you from returning to a&e in the future x

princessk09 in reply to cmbxm

I couldn’t stop being sick before, now I’m just feeling really nauseous and in pain xx

cmbxm in reply to princessk09

they could give you a cyclizine injection or tablets for the nausea, don’t get too dehydrated, sip water, phone 111 for advice if you need to x

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