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Can anyone help me?

So it’s been roughly 2 years since I was diagnosed with endo on bladder bowel and pod. After the surgery the surgeon told me each piece was the size of a rice grain and not enough to cause my pain so I wouldn’t be having any more trouble or further surgery so he discharged me with advice on having the coil. I had the coil in the past b.e.d (before endo diagnosis) with horrible symptoms so it was removed. It’s taken all this time to referred to a new endo specialist Center and see drs that take you seriously. My symptoms have become worse much worse then b.e.d

My bowel is almost completely numb I can’t pass gas’s easily or have any bm lose or hard without any suppositories. I have a pre on Tuesday and I’m petrified they will tell me afterwards that there’s nothing 😢 that all this is in my head or from another cause, My gp has referred me to spine specialist incase the cause isn’t endo, also digestive diseases. Has anyone with confirmed endo had a second lap and not endo found??

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