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Mood swings with endometriosis

Hi, i was diagnosed with endo in april 2015. I suffer from the pains as we all do. But the worst part of this is my moods, i have 3 amazing children 2 girls one is 10 and the other is 8 and my son is 2. The girls see the change in me so quick its unrealy. I was having prostap injectiong was supposed to be for 6 months but it made no difference to the pain and gave me other side effects to deal with which i couldnt handle anymore so the day i was due to have my 5th injection i spoke with the nurse and she said no more.

Since then my mood are just unreal i cant live like this. I feel like im loosing the plot. I was just looking for advice realy. Im already on anti depressants, altho i feel like this i understand its so hard on my family.

Thank you

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I can’t help with any answers but I also have terrible mood swings. My family too are noticing a difference. So hard when you can’t control it x


I had the same problems and was told to try meditation ive found it really helps i found videos on utube. I do it every morning and it helps when i start to get anxious. Hope this can help you too xx

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I have really bad mood swings but I always have negative thoughts partly due to being in pain and not feeling good enough.

I use an app called headspace and it’s amazing. You get a free 10 day pack which can be used over and over or it’s £9.99 a month to get so many things over a variety of subjects including pain management xx

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