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Laparoscopy nerves

I have my diagnostic laparoscopy in just over 2 weeks, however I’m so nervous that it shows no endo. The pain has got to the point I am exhausted all the time and dizzy most of the time. The pain is effecting everything but part of me is scared that other doctors were correct and it’s nothing. I’m also scared about the recovery and how long till I’ll be able to get back to college after. Any advice would be amazing

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Hi try not to worry to much I know how your feeling but they will find it! I use to panic that I was going crazy but your not! It depends on how good your doctor is to how long your recovery time is and what you have to have done and the follow up treatments. I have had 5 and each one different. My first was really bad and was extremely ill! Was out of work for 6months so poorly, but the others it’s varied between 10days - 8weeks unroll am fully fit and back but bare in mind I am a dancer and fitness instructor so have to build myself up to the full working level. But I am always back in the office doing book work and house work a few days later just taking my time and easing into things slowly. So apart from the one off time what was dreadful the others haven’t been to bad for recovery:). I hope it goes well and you can move on to the next chapter in your life. My advice don’t expect to much to soon and have an open mind and change your lifestyle as much you can to make you happy comfortable and confident! Easier said than done but main thing is to look after yourself and try to be happy xxx



You'll be fine. I felt exactly the same way as previously I was told the pain was in my head. Feb this year I was diagnosed with stage 2 endo.

I was back to work within 3 weeks but everyone's different. Just take time to rest and let your body heal properly.

Hope everything goes well :)


This is exactly what happened to me. I had a lap and there was no signs of endo. The doc made me feel like I had made the whole thing up and dismissed me. I had 10 years worth of ultrasound scans showing cysts/endometriomas on my ovaries in the years leading up to the lap but he still made me doubt myself and start to believe the pain was in my mind. Six months after the lap, I had a CT scan which showed a 6cm endometrioma on my ovary. I was actually relieved because I wasn't going crazy.

If you are in severe pain, something IS causing it. Pain is our friend - pain let's us know when there is a problem. In your case, it may be endometriosis or it may be something else. I just hope the doctors will find the cause of your pain and will find a way to help you

Best of luck - I hope you will receive good care, treatment and support!


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