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Chest and upper back pain plus vivid dreams too? New symptoms or something different?

Hi all, I thought I had posted about this but must have been in a dream..

On Monday, I got sent home from work because I almost passed out in pain - it was 3rd day of my period and my pain had spread from my right hip and lower right abdomen, lower back and right leg. I was now experiencing horrific electrical and cramping pains all up my left side of my torso, my left side of chest (under my breast, I thought it was my heart) and all over my back. Heat or pain killers did nothing and my parents and colleagues all said I became drained of colour in my face because I was in so much pain. I cant even remember leaving work, just standing up from my chair then waking up in my bed with my mother checking on me. The pain went away slowly and by Tuesday afternoon, it was only in my right hip and thigh again.

My period has now gone and I've decided to return to taking my pill (cilest) without breaks as I forgot how horrid my periods were (very heavy and painful). I currently have mild lower right abdomen/hip pain but I may have just gotten used to it and it is nothing compared to Monday's pain.

I had a laparoscopy just over a month ago that revealed nothing out of the ordinary and for a month I was fine but as my period approached I could feel the pain creeping back.

Also, during this period and since then I've had very vivid dreams - I've woken up wondering if it was a memory and sometimes I've woken up in my dream and then woken up in reality separately which is messing with my head (kinda hard to explain)

TL;DR: Basically, I've got strange new symptoms and was wondering if anyone else has them or similar and can suggest what is causing them? Should I push for maybe an MRI or additional checks? I've been told it could just be IBS but honestly doesnt seem like that to me.

Thanks for any help received.

Thanks for reading my ranting xxx

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