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Hi im new to this but wanted to share

Hi, I'm all new to this so sorry if I ramble a bit. I have been suffering from endometriosis for many years since I was 14 (im 33 now!) I had my 7th laporoscopy on monday and finally am getting somewhere. I was starting to believe that the pain was in my head as my last gynalcologist said there was nothing there and i must be suffering from IBS! I was so embarassed and upset that I told my drs that I will carry on with my life on my own and all I would ask is for co codomol to help me live a fairly normal life!! I am lucky to have the most supportive husband who finally convinced me to see another dr who has found stage 4 endometriosis and fibroid. Im just waiting for another surgery get it cut out as its on my bowels as well. He even said that the reason they couldnt see it before is where i have had a mirena to help me and it had covered a lot of the endometriosis. I have hated myself for such a long time and have doubted myself even started to convince myself that all these specialists cant be wrong. The one thing I would say to anyone suffering is that your body knows when something is wrong listen to it otherwise you are just punishing yourself and we all deserve a life with no pain:-)

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Thanks for sharing Jess_85! I am glad you finally got a diagnosis, that must be such a relief after 7 laparoscopys! I had my lap for endometriosis 8th March and I am back at work but still recovering. I had extensive endometriosis and an endometrioma ovarian cyst removed. It was present on my bowel and pouch of douglas with suspected rectal endo as well but they didn't investigate that as they said it may cause too much damage so I should see how my symptoms are down the line.


Thank you for your reply. This is not something I normally do putting my troubles and difficulties that I have struggled with. I hope that things workout for yourself and you don't suffer any longer than you need to. I hope you make a full recovery soon all the best :-)


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