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Want to take part in a new television programme?

Tiger Aspect are working on a brand new medical programme for a major broadcaster. They are looking for people who are suffering from Endometriosis to take part in the programme.

They will receive two separate consultations from our two doctors; Chris and Xand Van Tulleken, who are twins. One consultation will involve the use of conventional medicine and the other would involve the use of alternative treatments.

The patient would then decide which treatment they would like to opt for. They will then be given 5 weeks to try out the treatment, before returning to see the doctors to discuss whether there had been any improvement.


Aged: up to 45.

Lives in the south of England.

Happy to have images shown of their condition.

If anyone is interested in taking part in the programme please email information@endometriosis-uk.org with a brief outline of your situation for me to forward on to the producers of the show.

Deadline: 12,00pm, Monday 28th November

Due to the volume of responses I envision we will get, please note that I will only be able to respond to those who are successful.

Best wishes


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Hi Aaron,

Just seen this and would like to take part but I'm probably too late!!! :-( I am interested if you still need someone. Karen ( I met you on the training days recently) Hope all is going well for you. Let me know if you need my mobile number to contact me, as didn't want it to show up on the site!


I dont know if I am any use for this because I had a TAH in 2008 and still have the disease and am disabled because of it.

contact me via the website/ my email address if they are interested pls!


ive only just read this advert and i would like to take part in your tv pogramme please get back to me.


Just read the ad too! I would love the chance to see if anyone out there could help me, I have been suffering for 5 years now, heavily addicted to serious painkillers and have no life. Please contact me via my email, thanks


Hi - im probably too late too but would be interested in this also. do let me know if you still need someone




Hi I would like to know when this show acctually airs so I can watch please get back in touch and let me know when and what channel if you can thankyou

Alex xxxx


same here!


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