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Getting pregnant naturally with stage 4 endometriosis ?! please help :(

Hello girls

I want to know how long did it take to get pregnant with endometriosis? was it naturally ? Is it possible to get pregnant with chocolate cyst ?

I have stage 4 endometriosis and i am afraid i will have difficulties with getting pregnant . every day i lock the door and crying i kill my self with crying :(

Every thing inside me said i will not be able to get pregnant or at least l will have difficulties getting pregnant and it will be too long to achieve it

I am now 20 years old with huge pain because of stage 4 endometriosis and chocolate cyst on one ovary 3cm i am afraid from lap so operation it will be the last option to get rid of it especially that my doctor didn’t suggest the operation he said the operation just for confirmation which i did it 4 years ago

Please any hopeful stories from you or any one you know or advices :(((

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I’m yet to have my lap but I’m also young (21) and have all the symptoms of endo plus I have a 5cm cyst on one ovary and a polyp. The pain and symptoms are just half of the problems that come with endo. I think people forget how mentally exhausting it is and to have to worry about not having children at this age drains me everyday. I also cry most days but today I’ve decided it needs to stop.

We need to stay strong! We don’t know for certain that we can’t have children and there is so much help out there if we do struggle! Also because you are only 20 you have so much time and you can prepare for when you do decide to have children

Stay positive & strong!



Hi, I am 37 and I have just been diagnosed with Endometriosis and a possible Adenomiosis. I don't know at which stage I am because I haven't done a laparoscopy yet but getting to know this illness I can tell you that I have always had it and it has been a struggle my entire life even if I didn't know that this struggle had a name. I have always felt that something was wrong but not knowing what it was and having doctors alway telling me that I was fine , has had a huge impact on my personal life and my self-esteem.

Despite all of this, I have a 2 years old daughter which I have conceived naturally.

Endometriosis doesn't always lead to infertility so don't lose your hopes. Plus you are so young. Imagine that 10 years ago almost nobody knew what Endo was and it was very difficult to get diagnosed and look at the situation now. Maybe in 10 years there will be other and more effective treatments for Endometriosis and for infertility caused by it.

I am so sorry you are scared and in pain but please don't loose your hopes.


Hi there, I had stage 4 endo and several laparoscopies as treatment. My last full 'clean up' of endo was quite invasive and I fell pregnant within a few months. Previously I had been trying for years. On my experience I got pregnant when the endometriosis was under control more but was only able to have one child at 37 years.

My advice is if you are trying, try earlier than me! and if it isnt happening definately get the endo a bit more under control if that's possible.

Fingers crossed for you x


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