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Anyone recommend what to take next after a year on Zoledex?

Hi, I have posted on here previously but need advise if anyone is reading.... After my laparoscopy last May I was advised to go away and think of having a hysterectomy. At my follow up appointment in November the same consultant said that he would not recommend having one, as I am 38 and would prefer me to be over 40 at least, that I was allowed another 6 months on Zoledex but that would be the longest safe time.

My 6 months is up in May 2018 and I am due to go back to the consultant to find out what contraceptive I should be on until I am over 40 and needing any further surgery. What would people recommend best contraceptive? I have tried many without success of stopping me bleeding and the Mirena coil which I found I had a year of non stop BV and thrush. Any helpful suggestions much appreciated!

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