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Norethisterone and Zoladex

Hi everyone, this is my first post here.

I recently finished my 3rd cycle of Zoladex injections (The 1st was for 7 months, the 2nd for 12 and this 3rd for 23 months), my last injection was a 4 week one at the beginning of November 2017.

My period is yet to return so my consultant has prescribed me with Norethisterone for 10 days to restart my cycle. Doing my usual search online for uses and side effects it sems this drug is used to stop or delay periods rather than start them so I was curious if there was anyone who had used them for a similar thing?

Fed up and in pain, feeling like I'm in limbo at the moment as Im wanting to get pregnant (hence stopping the zoladex) so dont want to fill my body with tramadol and oramorph.

Thanks in advance.


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I haven't had either of the treatments you've had but I'd suspect that what he has prescribed you may be a way of forcing your period when you stop the course; the drop in hormones will cause a bleed, which could then restart your normal cycles.

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I have taken norothisterone last few months to stop heavy bleeding as I have been suffering with heavy periods, have fibroids. Down side is when you stop taking it as you then get a period. I am now about to start Zoladex injections and would be interested to know how you found this, I will be having injection every 28 days. I am guessing you have been prescribed norothisterone to restore your cycle, as you will get a period within 3 days of ceasing the drug! I took it for 2 and a half weeks whilst on holiday as I didn't want a period whilst away. Why don't you discuss with your GP ?m whilst I was taking it I had never felt so well, pain free and felt in control for first time in eighteen months!!! You are probably sorted by now....


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