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Marina coil!


Anybody else had problems?

I had the marina coil inserted 5 years ago went to the GP due to being in pain in my left side. I explained I thought it may be my coil causing the pain as I’ve always been able to feel it moving around but managed the pain when it happend. GP tried to remove the coil it would not come out 😢. GP refered me to gynaecologist and for a scan. Waited two weeks in constant pain before going back to the GP who the. Sent me to hospital. As I had still not had the appointments through. While at the hospital again they tried to remove it to no avail pain was even worse and I was sick from the pain. They sent me home and asked me to go back in the next day to have a camera inserted found the cords to coil but nothing else due to there being a large growth the coil is imbedded in. I have since had to have an ultrasound and ct scan to try and see what the growth is and to see if there is anything else going on. I have been in constant pain now for ten weeks awaiting on results and hopefully will have the blinking thing removed. I will never be having another one this pain is horrid I can hardly walk due to pain in my groin area too. If I had know before on what complications the marina could do I would never of had it.

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You should sue Bayer, the company which manufactures Mirena. Find a lawyer and only pay if you win the case. There are many, many women in litigation now over this. Get compensated and help other women avoid the fate you had to endure. This is your cause! First, get medical help. Get this thing removed from your body with the least amount of damage possible. Best of luck to you!!

My Mirena Coil was always fine, and was a complete lifesaver for me, as the monthly agony began to wane a month or two after insertion, and disappeared completely by 5 months.

However, I don't know about complaining to manufacturers (I'm sure mine wasn't Bayer, but I'm post-coil and post-menopause, now, so threw away papers and instructions long ago) but ... did someone go through all the checks and instructions with you when it was fitted? Were you told to do regular self-checks, as well as having an occasional medical check?

I was told to check that I could feel the cords - and that it seemed okay - regularly: so I did it every month. Also, I was told 5 years was the absolute maximum, and that I would need to have it removed/changed then, and maybe earlier if I began to get Endo symptoms - or other discomfort - and if so to check in earlier. They do lose their chemical impact after several years. I was also supposed to have an internal check every so often, but my local NHS clinic (I'm in the UK) said it wasn't their responsibility as I'd gone via a private gynae to get it fitted (although it was done in an NHS hospital)... but my GP always checked when I asked.

I'm worried ... alarmed ... if you were not given all this advice. A friend in a different area had it done a year or so before me, and had the same info. If you were not given similar guidelines to follow, I would be more inclined to take it up with whoever fitted the coil, and your own Dr.

I do hope everything goes well and smoothly from now on, and that the coil and growth are soon safely removed and all issues resolved, so that you are finally pain and worry free. It's horrible that it has taken so long, so I hope you have some support and can manage, take care.


Thank you for your replies I’m still waiting to see consultant next appointment is in July. so I presume the growth is nothing to worry about still in constant pain worse when I lay down due to the stretching. I have been calling for cancellations daily however nothing is available yet 😢.

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