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Feeling fed up would like more Zoladex


Hello first thing about me,

In 2016 had a smear test and had high cn3 found, had loop treatment. After that my period was never the same I always had brown clotting no red blood at all for weeks. I started with awful pain as well. In November of 2016 I started with constant pain all over, nausea and fatigue. I had a lap done in April 2017 with a general gynaecologist at a private hospital. Endometriosis was found and treatment to remove was given. Was put on the pill backtoback that didn’t work so was given 2 injections of zoladex for 6 months max. Zoladex helped me so much no more constant pain, I felt normal with hot flushes so was given HRT. Then that worked and I felt like me again. Then In March 2018 my pains back and in full force, constant hip pain when walking, back pain when walking and sitting. Pain in right side. Feels like my insides are trying to come out when on period, still brown. Had my follow up from the gynaecologist who advised no to more zoladex and is sending me to a endometriosis centre. I have spoke to the Center and they have said my first appointment is looking like it will only be in July or August?

I can’t cope with this pain until then, and I am not sure what will be done so I don’t even know how long I am likely to just be left waiting in agony. I can’t take my pain meds because I work with children and I feel sleepy and like I’m drunk on them. I can’t afford any time away from work. I have heat pads on that helps a little at work but not with the tiredness. At weekends I just try rest so don’t get much done. I am also looking for a less demanding job role, so when I’m having my bad day I’m not on my feet all day.

My question is can I get the GP to give me more zoladex until I am seen if I am happy for them to do that? If you have had more than the 6 months zoladex what did you say?

Thank you sorry for the long message.

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Hey, unfortunately the GPS don’t always know best! I always have to educate mine, I’ve been on zoladex for the past 3 years probably longer, Witt a couple of breaks here and there but it’s the only thing that works for me... as soon as it’s starts to come out of my system I’m back to square one! My consultant is at a loss end until I can have excision surgery so it’s my go to atm! Everyone is different and reacts differently if you have done your research and understand the risks involved it’s your right to ask for the medication you know works for you! Each consultant is different I’ve had several say contradict one another but it’s about what works for you, providing you are safe xx

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