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Advice needed please


Hello, everyone I’d like some advice please, I’m 27 years old, with two beautiful children 🙈 I have previously been diagnosed with endometriosis I’ve had two laps in the past which was about 2 years ago. This year I’ve been experiencing severe pain in my left ovary sometimes radiating to my right ovary. I’ve lost about 4kgs or more in this past month. I’m really struggling to eat, and I feel nauseated all the time. I’ve had a scan and blood tests done. I’ve also had a ca125 test which was in normal range (12). I’ve added the report of the scan to the photos. What does everyone think? Any advice or any similar stories or outcomes is greatly appreciated. Please help me out with the report I’m very confused. Also I wanted to add that during the scan the sonograther said to me she can see a very small borderline cyst 🤔 what is this? It doesn’t say anything on the report about boderline cyst! Any help/advice please. I’d also like to add I had not had a period for 6months and this last month I had bleeding for about 2 weeks, it wasn’t my period because the bleeding was just coming in waves and the bleeding was coming very suddenly and forcefully but then it would stop then come again. Also the bleeding was coming when I was having severe pain in my left side or during intercourse. I’ve never had this before.

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Hi - it sounds like you’ve had a rough time. I don’t know about your bleeding but I had a reasonably similar sized cyst on my ovary. They also thought it could be haemorrhagic or endometrioma but they weren’t massively concerned because 3cm is considered small. I think above 5cm is more concerning.

They told me either cyst could cause lots of pain and asked me to return in six weeks for review.

I progressed my treatment privately and had a lap a few weeks later. The cyst had disappeared so they concluded it was haemorrhagic. They did find endo though.

Not sure if this helps?

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Hello kangalou thank you for your reply, yes my GP wasn’t greatly concerned either, but I’m experiencing a lot of pain to the point I feel incredibly sick. I’ve been to my GP several times already. I’m just waiting for my appointment with a gynaecologist. However I do know I had endo which was mild and they said they had removed it. But this time round my GP was confused as I wasn’t having any periods for 6months and they say it’s impossible to have endo with no periods so not exactly sure on what’s going on. I wish I could go private too but that’s impossible at the moment. Thank you for the advice

It sounds like the scan you had was ultrasound which rarely shows endometriosis. You need to get an MRI scan which will show it.

Donusgul in reply to NW248

Hello, NW248 I’ve been told this before about endo not showing up on a ultrasound, even when I was diagnosed with endo in the past with a lap they had never found anything on an ultrasound this is the first time they’ve seen a cyst like this. I’m not sure if the gynaecologist will request a MRI scan but I’m waiting for my appointment with the gynaecologist atm

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