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Advice needed

Hi all. I was diagnosed with endo 12 years ago. Today, my pain is unbearable. I cannot take the edge off. I have taken every pill combination I have ( paracetamol, dihydracodeine, naproxen, amiltryptaline, and ibruprofen) and a hot water bottle. I feel like someone has taken a cheese grater to my insides whilst pouring vinegar.

I have had every treatment going over the past 12 years and I'm booked for a hysterectomy within the next 3 months.

Any tips on what I can do for tonight? I'm desperate!!

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Hi Kerry really sorry to hear what youre going through. You are trying everything possible and I know how you must feel. Things I have done - I just curl up so i'm scrunched into a ball type position, wear heat pads, take hot water bottle and leave it on tummy, stay in a hot bath or shower, take paracetemol and ibuprofen together, and then just rest it out waiting for the day to be over. Try sucking on a sweet too so your mind is occupied. I really feel your pain. I hope the pain subsides x


Hi Kerry . You poor thing I know how you feel. I'm in bed with a hot water bottle and taking mefanamic acid although it's not doing much .

Another thing to try is raising your feet / legs a little.

Hot drinks sometimes help too

Hope u feel better soon x


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