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Hi ladies ,

I’m awaiting my first specialist appointment with a gynaecologist, but that’s not until June. Just hoping for a bit of advice really, I’m on the pill and it’s always worked really well for me , however I’m half way through my pack and I’ve been bleeding for about 20 days! It’s not like a ‘normal’ period , as that is usually very heavy , but nevertheless I’m still bleeding. Has this ever happened to anyone else ?

Thankyou xx

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Hi Lucy, do you take the pill back to back? As I know it can cause break through bleeding sometimes but not sure if it would cause 20 days worth...

I do 9 weeks on the pill and 1 week off which causes me to get spotting sometimes but never as long as you are saying it usually lasts about a week maybe 2 weeks. It might be worth going back to your GP and seeing what they say

I know thats probably not much help sorry!

Good luck x

Hello there I recently started on the pill and I bled for 27 days I went to the GP and they gave me some medication to reverse the effects of bleeding and after taking the medication for about a week my bleeding stopped so I’d just say it would be worth a trip to the GP xx

Thankyou so much for your replies ladies xxx

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