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Not too sure but have a feeling it might be endo

Hi everyone, i'm a newbie on this site and just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the same as me.

I'm seventeen years old and have had horrible period pains for as long as i could remember. Some of what i go through are: heavy periods for the first 2-3 days, pain in the pelvic area, large blood clots, blood spotting in urine, painful bowel movements and have this immense pressure in the back passage where i feel like i need to go to the toilet but really don't.

Also, recently i have been getting pain in the lower part of my stomach ( sometimes on my right side too) and that same pressure in the back passage, when i'm not even on my period.

I've have been to my GP quite a few times and was told to take mefenamic acid and when that didnt work, ibuprofen then co-codamol and then to go on the pill ( which i didnt want to but am considering) and now she gave me naproxen.

None of them have helped as much as i would have that they would but i am yet to try out naproxen.

I dont know how i should feel when my GP says its normal so the pain will pass as i grow older and whoever else i talk to don't experience this sort of pain. Maybe i might be exaggerating my pain?

i would be extremely grateful if i could get advice on this please .

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Hey, I’m 19 and was around the same age as you when I went to the GP. The amount of times they just gave me new painkillers or new hormone pills was ridiculous. They never believed my pain and said it was normal.

I have the same symptoms as you and I’m in a range of different pains every day. It took a visit to a private endo specialist at spire (cost £214) to say he thinks I have endo and I need a lap to diagnose it.

He managed to get things moving and after 2 years I’m finally getting surgery, not looking forward to it haha but it needs to be done.

We know our own bodies and when something isn’t normal. Just keep pushing your doctors or go see an endo specialist either privately or through the nhs but you’ll need a referral for the nhs from your gp. Xx

I had over 30 years of GP's and gynaes telling me it was normal period problems and later IBS too. Even after a burst cyst and a lap to look at that. I finally diagnosed myself and went to a private specialist on the list. I had stage 4 endo.

Yeah just a lap to diagnose and treat any endo if found. I know it sounds bad to say but like if I do have endo at least I’ll know what the pain is instead of being left with no answers and a long recovery after surgery x

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