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Sick of pain


Hi, because I have always had bad periods and fibromyalgia I feel like it all gets fobbed off as that, I have literally so many symptoms of endometriosis and my gp won’t investigate because he said well we gave you a scan 3 years ago and was fine, what can I do guys? In so much pain today and we wanted another baby and that’s not happened for nearly 4 years now

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I’m so sorry that your struggling.

My advice would be keep pushing, if possible see another doctor. Make loads of notes/keep a diary. You know your body so write which symptoms are for each thing.

I knew I had it too but got told I had IBS, then they thought I had celiac or some intolerance and did a gastroscopy took biopsies found nothing. Eventually after pushing because of the pain I was give a laparoscopy where they found my endo.

As I said earlier try and keep pushing they will fob u off if they can get away with it but you know you and your body

Good luck xxx

Nicxxx in reply to kelsbels88

Thanku hun i’m going to start keeping a diary x

Hugs, I have both too, or else it's cfs and am starting to experience this sort of dismissal at gp who formerly were very good.

Three years is plenty long enough for endo to possibly return and by now you know your body and your condition better than your GP, and can distinguish between what is endo pain or symptoms and what is fibro or neuropathic pain.

Find a different GP, write down your evidence especially those cyclical and specific symptoms and what you want to happen to plan the discussion and head off the 'just fibro' conversation xx

Good luck xx

Nicxxx in reply to Starry

Aww thank you hun, so annoying isn’t it, yeah i’m gonna start to keep a diary x

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