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Fertility checks?


So I was advised by a consultant to go back to my doctors and get referred for a few checks.... one seeing if my tubes are ok and one to see if I’m ovulating. I have been trying for about 6months, I have one tube and one ovary, endo and lost of pain when ovulating.

My partner suggested we keep trying before these test for another 6 months.

But I suffer from cysts and pain most months and scared about the fact I only have one tube anyway x

I don’t no what to do????

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If it was me I’d want to run the tests; every month that goes past without a pregnancy is heartbreaking 💔 Is there a reason why your partner is against running tests? I know fertility clinics can be daunting, is he worried about the stress it’ll have on you both?

I also have endometriosis so I relate to pelvic pain you speak of 🤦🏼‍♀️and for us it is the cause of our infertility.Where is your endometriosis? Some endometriosis will hinder conception and some has no bearing on it. They can remove implants and boast your fertility.

In theory you should be able to conceive and six months isn’t all that long in terms of trying but as you have some known issues which could make things a bit more difficult for you I’d get to the specialist and discuss your options; you can still continue to try and some couples fall whilst awaiting referrals with the off them. I found having a plan really helps feel better and less stressed 😀

I want to wish you the best and hope to hear happy news from you soon xoxo

vic007 in reply to jess1981

Thank you -

I know 6 months isn’t a long time at all, with having all this in the back of my head day in and day out. I know it will take so much stress away from me.

He is against it as he is worried that he will be the one told he isn’t about to have children. But I can’t understand why this is so hard for him. When I feel like it’s me that he should support as well.

Get the tests. It may well take a few months to get them all done any way.

Usually, in the uk you’re advised to get these tests after 6 months if you’re over 35 and a year if you’re under 35, but even if you’re younger, if a specialist has advised you to do it then you really should. Ttc doesn’t get easier the longer you try, but I think men are generally more optimistic than we are about it. The waiting lists can be long if they find a problem so you don’t want to be leaving it.

Just a thought: Your partner may be anxious about the idea of being asked to produce a sample, which might be part of his reasoning?

Yes he hate the thought of being asked to give a sample.

So I understand and said u don’t have to but I still want to know what is going off with me - but this would then indicate if I’m ok it’s him - that’s what he’s saying!!

So I’m left with shall we keep trying harder, then get tests ? But for me I’m always going to be worrying and that’s never healthy

You need to get the tests. I agree with you.

The whole process is going to be a lot more difficult for you than him... after all if you don’t have any problems then you have to give birth! Meanwhile your tests are much more intrusive than his and it’s not the case that if they don’t find anything with you it will be him- if they don’t find anything with you then there may be nothing wrong, it could just be a matter of time. Even if there is a problem, for about a third of couples it’s unexplained infertility. In my relationship there are problems with both of us!

Maybe he might feel better to know that for initial testing, my hubbie had to produce his sample at home then just take it up to the hospital at a certain time- no sitting in a grubby room with used magazines or anything.

To be honest, I think he needs to put his big boy pants on and support you. You’re lucky to have had a heads up that you may need some medical help to conceive, it gives you a time advantage that you should make the most of.

I think most couples with infertility would agree thar the longer you try, the less fun your sex life becomes so it’s in his interests to make the process as short as possible.

Of course I’m assuming he definitely wants children- there isn’t a reluctance to actually have a baby that’s causing him to drag his feet?

Hi, just reading your comments again, So here is a bit of an update really.

So he still doesn’t want to do the test ....but we have the pot at home now and he knows what he has to do.. so we have moved a little forward now and he’s taking some vitamins as well that boost your little swimmers.

So for me I’m on my seconded lot of blood tests for day 21 and day 2-5 of your cycle. So far these tests have come bk day 21 to low ! And day 3 to high. So it may turn out that the problems still lay with me. But the doctor has said she can’t refer us until he has done his bit. Soooooo I’m waiting on him really x

Having the tests will give you the much needed answers to move forward. i would have the tests...... I personally have had great difficulties with endo, scaring and adhesions etc. Very blessed to have a son💕

I asked my hubby to do a home fertility kit x he hated the thought of being tested too. Although if you need support to conceive he will have to re test anyway it might either show him something or confirm the issue is with you xx hope you get sorted soon xx

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