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Pregnancy and endo pain, what was your experience

I have just found out i am 2 weeks pregnant after a long time trying. I am experiencing pain in my rightish side. The pain is were i would always have endo pain. It is not very intense but it is concerning me. Its not so much a cramping pain but more of a stabbing pain.

I am hoping the pain is related to the fact o stopped taking my pain relief when i found out i was pregnant.

Did anyone else experience pain in the early stages? Is this normal with endo?

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Iv read lots about women still experiencing lots of endo pain in first trimester. Also at 2 weeks you will have implantation pain as the embryo is burying into the wall of your uterus, don’t be surprised if you get a little brown/ dark red spotting also. X


If you’re concerned get checked please. Could be implanting pains, I thought I was miscarrying when that happened to me, but all was well, however one sided pain could be an indication of an ectopic pregnancy, more likely with endo, so please get checked out


Congratulations! Great news.

Agree with the others about implantation pain and also coming off pain meds you will feel pain more acutely as you aren’t used to it. I had the same with tramadol.

First trimester is a bit rough and you need to take it very easy with having endo, just ride it out and let everyone else take care of you. Check with your gp or hospital if you are concerned. Pain wise it will get better - pregnancy and breast feeding gave me a much needed break and has been the most successful treatment - I had excision surgery the year before getting pregnant but was due to have a big surgery to remove focal adenomyoma and more endo - post preg it had essentially disappeared and things were improved so surgery was cancelled, my son is now 21 months and I’m starting to have big trouble again but my pain definitely calmed down.

Enjoy the pregnancy xx


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