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LH/RH injection-estrogen


Finally, after 2 years of "fighting" this battle, with plenty of "it s in your mind", wrongly referred blood tests, wrongly read blood test results ..I have found a specialist willing to listen to me.

I have always insisted that the 3 months LH/RH fake menopause injection which I had in 2015 between my 2 laparoscopy had completely and permanently switch off the signal from my brain to my ovaries to produce estrogen! With all the consequences

He suggested a complete list of blood test to detect hormones and Blood tests taken on 2 day of my period show 0.44 level of estrogen, something which he has described as undetectable!

Because of endo,all he can prescribe is local vaginal tablets (Vagifem) and vaginal cream. But that is not gonna help my lack of libido..

Has anyone else tried natural ways of increase estrogen in your body?any suggestion would be appreciated!

I know that estrogen go and feed our endo and it is a never ending circle



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I would recommend asking to be referred to a menopause specialist. This can't be treated by an endo specialist or a GP. I'm not sure how old you are but the daisy network has a list of the specialists who deal with premature ovarian failure (so basically early menopause).


I am being seen at one as I had my ovaries removed last year. You can have HRT with endo but it needs to be oestrogen plus progesterone, not oestrogen alone. I can't emphasise enough how important it is to get this properly managed to protect your bone health. x.

cristinaz in reply to joreilly

Thanks for this Joreilly, I'm 32, gynaecologist seems to think the syntoms will eventually reverse back cause I'm young, but they have been like that for 2 years so I don't think so....

I'm already on combined pill, so oestrogen and progesterone (result for this is fine) should be low but not undetectable, he said he cannot give me any additional hrt oestrogen

I will look into the website and see if they can help

Thanks again

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