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Treatment that doesn’t stop you ttc?

Probably a silly question but are there any treatments for endo that don’t involve contraceptives? I would love a second child (been ttc number 2 for 7 years) and I said to the specialist that I’d like to give it another year before I give up. Wishful thinking I know but I kind of hoped the procedures would help with ttc too. She said after my lap/hysteroscopy/cystectomy and diathermy I should be good for a year before it becomes problematic again. However, first period in and I’ve been bleeding for 3 weeks straight and my stomach has been constantly upset again so I’m now thinking I have to do something because I just can’t cope with this bleeding - it leaves me drained and exhausted not to mention it stops us ttc anyway. From what I know though, the only options seem to be the coil or the pill both of which would completely put an end to ttc. Totally confused and fed up with it all.

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I imagine it would be through pain relief/alternative therapies/diet?

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