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Endometriosis pink spotting after sex

I have had my first test which was a pelvic ultrasound. This showed nothing which I expected. I have begun to notice that sometimes after sex i have pink spotting after sex. Is this another symptom of endometriosis?? I also occasionally get pain during intercourse but I put this down to maybe going to deep. I am down to have a colonoscopy and was wandering if I can tell my doctor that I want a laparoscopy and if they would honour it. I suffer from pain in my left pelvis which has led me to ambulance trips and a&e trips with no answers. It feels like I'm being ripped from the inside and i struggle to move when I get the pain. I am on the implant for contraception which means I get irregular periods and I had a 3 week long period which stopped due to me taking transexamic acid.

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Hay sorry to hear your not feeling well! I would ask about a laparoscopy, I used to bleed after sex and would get horrendous pain in my left hip/groin area... I went though scans.. nothing.. colonoscopy.. nothing.. this pain then started day to day and I ended up having a laparoscopy and my pouch of dougles was full of endrometrious, my bowls and other organs had some one as well!! I hope you get an answer and start to feel better soon! But those are symptoms I experienced and had no idea it was endro, I hadn’t even heard of it lol xxxx


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