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Thinking of applying for PIP

Hi ladies,

So basically I’m on the road to diagnosis. My gyne in the last appointment said that he is referring me to a specialist because he does complex surgery and he wants a specialist to help me. Basically he said endo is there but obviously I need surgery to confirm 100%.

I’m in such bad pelvic pain all month regardless of when my period is due.

I’m missing work now because I font feel well enough to go in.

I’m feeling so depressed which I’m antidepressants.

I would rather not apply for this but I feel I have no choice. My life is being ripped away from me.

I try painkillers, heat pads, bath. All them things and still no joy.

Can anyone tell me obviously because I’m on the road to diagnosis it’s classed as chronic pelvic pain? I’m sure I can still get pip for this.

I’m going to try and I’m not giving up.

I just need some help.

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Hi Missmonroe21

I have similar symptoms as yours, pain mostly all days of the month, I haven't been diagnosed with endo yet, even though I went to 4 specialists and 2 GPs, I am about to go to another Gyno and demand investigative lap. I searched the net and found group Endo Empowered where they talked about natural anti-inflammatory supplement Serrapeptase. Can tell you two weeks on it and im off painkillers. it's a very strong natural pain killer, and it's actually proven to get rid of endo naturally, however, it takes time. I was on tramadol, ibuprofen and panadine forte before, and now I don't need them at all, it numbed my pain significantly. Hope you feel better. Mary


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