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Crippling fatigue!

I've been diagnosed for 6 years, now at stage 4 and awaiting a full hysterectomy, the pain is either better than it used to be or I'm just used to it so managing fine with that aspect. I'm struggling so much with fatigue at the minute though, I've always had fatigue but nothing like this. It's such an effort to do anything, my whole body just feels heavy and exhausted and it's an effort to even concentrate on anything, even typing this is making me feel drained. Has anyone found anything that helps? It's really starting to affect my life and get me down. I had blood tests a few minutes the back and they came back fine. x

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Humongous hugs. I so relate to this. Its been my most debilitating symptom all along. I literally flake out after about 3 hours of anything.

Its well worth getting tests for vit d, thyroid, iron, b12, zinc and magnesium to rule out any obvious suspects.

Sadly for me aside from mildly low vit d nothing came up. I eat super healthy take supplements and probiotics nothing has really seemed to make much difference.

I'm making a second attempt at a return to work and am getting help from a specialist physio but am facing up to the fact I may only now be able to work p/t and endo (also stage 4) despite now being excised may well have been life changing for me.

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Hi honey

Lots of love to you...it's as though you've read my mind..I have been struggling with Chronic fatigue forever at first I thought I was just lazy or I wasn't getting enough rest but I would go to bed early but wake up exhausted and I am aneamic so that also contributes, I have tried everything but nothing works. My doctor suggest an EndoDiet which is Gluten Free,he thinks it will help I haven't started yet because everything on the Gluten menu is my favourite food*hides* and doesn't come cheap but as soon as I get the courage I will start. I hope it helps,I will you tell you how it goes.

All the best for everything.

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Yes, I always wrote myself off as a low energy person, and of course gradually it got worse and worse and sort of crept up on me until I did next to no activity.

Good luck. I went gf 4 months ago and have managed to substitute most things quite well, I even found some Shar pain au chocolat today. The Endo specific research study suggested that it took a year though, and elsewhere I read it takes 3+ months to leave your body so its a long term thing.

I seem a little better this month and have started back at work in some fashion so fingers crossed it is starting to make at least some small difference.

Take care and stay in touch xx


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