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Constant suffering

If you've read some of my previous posts I'm only 15 and have all the signs of having Endo, I am currently writing this slouching over my toilet in agony. I need tips,I am soon to be put on the pill-opinions about that? I get really awful cramps and back pain what can I do except hot water bottles and medicine. I also get really bad chest pains, is this normal? No one really understands no matter how hard they try, but I know how loving and supportive you all are. Overall please give tips about living with endo any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! Xx

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Go to drs.... Well I get awful back pains too that's something else that's gonna be checked out soon....


Hi Charlottepeacock27,

Sorry to hear you're in so much agony. You're very young, so medical treatment like operation will probably not be an option for you..What do you think about trying complementary therapies, like acupuncture, which many ladies seem to have success with? Also, there're quite a few books about endo diet, like ‘Endometriosis – A key to healing through nutrition’ by Dian Shepperson Mills and Michael Vernon.

Also, feel free to use our fee helpline 0808 808 2227, which is open on most days; the women on the helpline have all had endometriosis themselves and are very willing to listen.

I hope you feel better soon x


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Thank you so much for this! I've been busy with revising for gcses which hasn't helped with stress but that's my anxiety, I will look into local acupuncture it looks really beneficial! Thank you again with all your help!! Xx


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