Constant Endo Chronic Pains & GP Rudely Downplays my Suffering

I am so fed up with my GP who already took so long to refer me so i can be diagnosed. I have endo and cysts. Unfortunately my pain is excruciating and comes before, during and a few days after my period. It's not just period pain. The pain is on lower abdomen - pelvis , lower back and down my legs so bad it makes me disoriented and dizzy. The pain also gives me depression from trying to cope with it.

I have previously written to the doctor about my unhappiness from her treatment. She still keeps Down playing my symptoms and conditions telling me what she thinks I feel instead of understanding what i- the patient is suffering and experiencing. It makes me feel distressed, hopeless and helpless.

She refuses to refer me to a specialist who are willing to see me but they need a referral letter. I also requested pain management sessions, she just keeps saying she can't help me further with the pain. I always leave her surgery crying and feeling quite distressed.

I need this sessions so I can cope with getting on with life. Especially when I start working. So that I am able to cope alittle better with the pain and still be able to work.

I am so psychologically, emotionally and physically exhausted. From this all. I can't focus/concentrate to do the smallest things.

Please for those with a helpful GP can you kindly recommend me. Because I don't want to end up with another unhelpful doctor.

Thank you

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  • Hi - your GP simply can't refuse you a referral as you have a right to a second (or even first in your case) from a specialist under Good Medical Practice, which is like the GP charter. But you may be best to go to another GP and get everything on record with the practice manager. Can you advise what part of the UK you are in as your choices do depend on this to an extent. x

  • I am in North London UK. Thanks for responses lindle

  • Hi - I am out today but in the meantime click on my name and read my post on how to find a specialist. Living in England you have access to NHS Choices and can call the shots, but with awkward GPs there's a methodical approach needed. Can you pm me. x

  • So sorry for late reply. A lot going . Checking your post right now. What is PM by the way. Kinda new at this

  • Oh sorry - so many people put abbreviations on that I haven't a clue about! Send a private message - click my name and click 'message' at the top right. x

  • OK....

  • Sorry to be so blunt but your GP sounds like a complete dick!!! I would get yourself out of there ASAP! It's ridiculous that they are refusing to refer you - it is your right... How else will you get the correct type of care? Where do you live hun? Hopefully someone on here lives nearby that can make a recommendation... Are there any other surgeries in your area you could sign up to? Good luck! 😊 x

  • Thanks for your response. I live in North London . I guess it the worry of ending up with a similar GP. Yes hoping someone in North will recommend.

  • If your unhappy about the service you are being provided then get in contact with your MP. I have had to do it and they helped loads!

  • This week I have decided to do this. Just too much ignorance from GPs. My pain has gotten worse. Spreading out more down legs and knee back and groin. Very strange. Doctor says its not chronic since its not an every day pain. But I only have roughly 20 percent only of the month when I am pain free. She was insisting my depression has nothing to do with endo pain and telling me how she thinks I feel not what I myself is experiencing. I take the pain killers only when in pain but to be honest it either halfsnit or doesn't work at all. She was saying according to her records I am not taking enough pain killers so I am not in that much pain. I am tired of her ignorance and arguing with her. It just adds to my distress. So already started looking for new GP.

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