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Latest ultrasound results & Laparoscopy

Hi All,

I’ve finally had another ultrasound (transvaginal) scan 2 days ago. My previous one was in November. It was found that my left endometrioma cyst in ovary has grown even larger since November.. : from 4cm to 6.4... Not pleased at all, also because my symptoms have substantially increased in the last couple of weeks. I suddenly have abdominal and left ovary pains basically every day, plus I have constant pain in left thigh & groin..

The good news is that the specialist could see no trace of endo extended to other organs but it’s pretty much severe in my ovaries.

I’m now obviously convinced that I should have a Laparoscopy done ASAP as my symptoms are quite bad and I can hardly walk properly in the last 2 weeks! :(

I’m terrified of the recovery time from this surgery. Can you go back to exercise after 2-3 weeks from having had a Laparoscopy?? Can you walk normally after 2 weeks..? I think they’ll only have remove my 2 ovarian cysts, nothing else. I’ll see my Gynaecologist next week so I‘ll see what he says. Xxx

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