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I have heard that ovaries go into shock or may shutdown after a hysterectomy.I am keeping mine. Any idea how long they shut down or do it permanently? I am worried because taking Hrt won't agree with me. Another concern I have is that my bladder will drop. I have slight prolapse and the doctor said it's okay because sometimes fixing something that isn't so bad can make it worse. Anyone who has had a hysterectomy, have you had yours drop weeks or years having surgery, had to have their bladder repaired? If so , does anyone have any idea how often this happens?

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Hi Brandy , I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago and kept my ovaries . To be honest I felt a little weak due to the surgery etc . I didn’t really notice that they shut down so hopefully you will be the same . I had no need for HRT just plenty of rest . I have also had a prolapse repair due to severe endometriosis this was before my hysterectomy the endometriosis was only found during the op and once again I have been lucky to get over it all with plenty and of rest .the only time I did crash was when my last ovary was removed last year , the only thing that kept me going was HRT, without it I couldn’t get out of bed .

I am possibly facing my 5th surgery due to endometriosis and if I had a choice I really would not have surgery on anything I could find an alternative And As you have only got a slight prolapse maybe some physio would help you , unfortunatley the more surgery you have the more chance you have facing bladder issues . I’m keeping my finger crossed for you plenty of rest and listen to your body as we are all different - good luck 😉


Thanks so much for your reply. That makes me hopeful. I only have adenomyosis. The birth control pills and Mirena didn't work for me. I am going to physical therapy for my bladder. My symptoms are pressure causing some inconetenice due to my enlarged uterus. Some heavy periods lasting 7-10 days. The biggest issue is being bloated most of the time.

I am having a hysterectomy next month. I know it's my best option. I am just scared I will solve some problems, by will cause others such ovaries not functioning right and bladder problems within a weeks time or months.

Oh, did you say bloated for months after your hysterectomy? And how long did you have a cather in after surgery? I had my bladder tested. Boy, do those hurt. LOL


I’m sure it will all be fine for you , I don’t regret having a hysterectomy it was the best thing I had done for me personally . After the surgery you will be a little sore and a little bloated for about a week . My catheter was out within 24 hours . Just make sure you. Take it easy and rest even if you feel that you can do more x


Thanks so much for your support and advice. Glad yours went well and years later you felt good about the decision you made.


hi bran5dy9,as you are having your op next month I wish you all the very best.


Thank you.


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