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Citalopram- has anyone taken it for hormonal imbalances?

Hi, I really need some help, has anyone tried taking Citalopram for the horrendous hormones with endometriosis. My gp prescribed them on Monday I have felt awful, tired, shaky, spaced out, forgetting things and no sex drive! Has anyone got any positive experience with taking this? Also I am on the waiting list for a hysterectomy and really getting worried about the surgical menopause and how that will affect my sex life, I am newly married and don’t want that part of my life to over!!

Thanks so much


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Hi there I started citalopram last year for the same it’s been a god send. I’m much calmer at certain times of the month and it’s also helped me now I’m on Zoladex (medical menopause).

All antidepressants can make you feel worse for 2 -6 weeks as it’s them kicking in. Give it time it settles. I prescribe them at work and a lot of people struggle initially. If your feeling very low or having bad thoughts see gp ASAP.

When it comes to menopause I struggled on my first lot of Zoladex as I didn’t have hrt but consultant gave me Livial this time and I feel much better. However I am radically altering my diet as struggling with fatigue as well.

Good Luck


I take these but and have two differing views for anyone thinking about it.

Before I took these I was sceptical but if there’s one thing it really changed it was my mood. I went from being very depressed and nervous to feeling a lot calmer and less anxious within a few months and for that I am grateful however a) sex drive is a bit low and b) you have to keep taking them, without them I have bad days and they are almost impossible to come off without side affects, taking these is for the long term.

Hope that’s of some help


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