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Endometriosis specialist appointment!

Well I finally have an appointment with an endometriosis specialist however I’m a little anxious as the hospital I’m going to can’t access the other hospitals notes so it’s like starting again!! Anyone any ideas of what this doc isn’t going to say or ask? It’s a male consultant which immediately makes me nervous!

Any advice is much appreciated 👍🏼

Fiona xx

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Hey, don’t be nervous about seeing a male consultant. In my experience male consultants are a lot better than the female ones I’ve seen. However I don’t know your situation etc.

The endo specialist I saw was male and honestly he was the nicest guy ever and was really gentle during the pelvic exam as I told him it causes me a lot of pain. Like he kept saying stuff to calm me down etc. Plus he knew exactly what he was talking about compared to non endo specialists.

He will just ask you about your symptoms and general health questions like do you smoke or drink. Make sure you tell him everything and everything you have tried up to now like contraceptive pills or painkillers (if you have). He will explain everything and what he thinks is the best treatment.

I’m waiting for a lap atm but the specialist thinks I might have endometriosis due to the symptoms and he found tenderness in three areas during the pelvic exam including tenderness in my ovary area.

Hope this helps and feel free to PM me if you have any questions etc 💕💕


Thank you for your reply, I hope he is supportive, the gynae consultant I’ve been seeing has been useless! I have tried the contraceptive pill as I have been trying for a baby for 4 & 1/2 years! Just have to wait and see what he says I just know I can’t continue the way I am 😟 xxx


Yeah I’ve seen so many gynaes who were useless. However because I can’t afford private surgery, I’ve been put back into the nhs and have to see another consultant next month. My gps are going against a spire endo specialists opinion to let me have a lap 🙄 xxxx


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