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Will endo pain get worse with time?

Hi there,

I was diagnosed (well, kinda. No lap for me yet) with endometriosis last week, something I did suspect and went to the gynaecologist for confirmation mainly.

However, I lowkey also hoped I will be told there is another, easily curable condition that could solve my problems and being told that yes it probably is endometriosis threw me off and I left without asking any questions.

So the main question that keeps bothering me and I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere is whatever or not the pain will get worse with time. I am only 21 and don't want to spend next 30 years with a pain that keeps getting worse.

Please, can someone help me.

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Personally I think yes. I think the pain will always be there and I’ve heard that even ladies with mild endo can still have unbearable pain. I think with myself the pain is getting worse at times. I think even the scar tissue from endo removal can cause pain and other problems. I was only diagnosed after having pain after sex and then bleeding. Had my first lap and they found endo and cysts. It got worse after that. Had another lap 2 years later. They removed more endo and I had scar tissue. It’s just an awful disease. I constantly live on painkillers xx


Sadly Ania endometriosis is caused by the lining of your womb traveling outside of the womb. This sadly bleeds every month which then continues the spread. Which can cause pain for people (different for everyone)

For me me things have been up & down since my periods began. I’ve had 3 laparoscopy which did help for a short period of time. I’ve also been on the contraceptive pill which helped in my 20’s then nothing in my 30’s when I spent nearly 10 years attempting a family. I’m now 40 and sadly struggling but that’s just me.

I would advice speak to a gynaecologist and get it confirmed. If your not thinking of babies get on some medication that they suggest.

Who knows what is round the corner so:

Enjoy life and the girls on here have enough experience to help at any time.



Like you I have not yet been formally diagnosed (waiting for my lap) and i'm 23 yrs old. For me, I'm finding it really overwhelming to deal with the potential diagnosis and my symptoms are worsening. I'm hoping surgery will solve my problems but I also don't want to be in denial that I'm then going to be cured as obviously it doesn't work like that. I spoke to a GP on friday to help me with my awful period and even he said he hopes I don't have endo as it's such a horrible illness :(.

I'm sure we will to live with it however best, I keep telling myself there are worse illnesses to have! Having set that this is bloody challenging and I just wish I could feel like a normal 23 yr old again..


Hi - another young one here, I'm 23 and was diagnosed last year. I also worry about being diagnosed young and it getting worse - it's a scary condition to have. My philosophy is just to take it one day at a time - I'm ok today, I'll probably be ok next week, and the rest of my life can wait.


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