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Endo, bowel, major vessels, and ivf

Does anyone here have any issues involving their bowel and blood vessels. I have been told that one of the major blood vessels has been fused to my bowel (the endo is also in many many other places such as tubes of kidney / bladder, and usual places - stage IV).

We've had one very long, drawn out, and unsuccessful IVF cycle (3 years since our first egg collection). We are due to start our second and I'm terrified of what the drugs will do to me. I'm currently in an ok place on prostap so it seems a little strange to think I'm going to encourage my body to do something I've been stoping it from doing.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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What do u mean you’re going to encourage your body to do something you’ve stopped it doing? Do you mean ovulation? Being pregnant can suppress the disease so they tell us & having a baby is a wonderful blessing. Endo is always going to be there and at stage 4, research shows that meds don’t do anything for us at that stage. Diet and lifestyle is much more effective in my opinion. Stress and worry can effect your ability to conceive so just relax and look forward to the blessing of a child. There are lots of women who are not fortunate enough to receive ivf and are desperate for a child so I would just relax and be grateful for this. I’ve just had a big lap for endo excision & will be trying to conceive. I’m excited to do so & will keep a clean diet & practice meditation etc to reduce the inflammation that feeds the endo. Try relax hun xx


Thanks for your response, do you have bowel and blood vessel issues?

I hope your surgery helps with your journey. Over the past decade I have tried many things. My diet and lifestyle are all on track. I've spent lots of time removing things that can be negative. The prostap is the only thing that is giving me any quality of life at the moment.

Four surgeries down the line and repeated drugs for egg collection or implantations (failures and issues with lining not being thick enough to implant) has left my symptoms worse than they were before. That's why is feels a little strange to do something that initially causes issues. Last time I got OHSS so hospitalised for over a week. It's very scary the concept of growing and caring for a baby/child when this disease sometimes makes it difficult to take care of ourselves.

Fingers crossed things will work out.

Best of luck on your journey x


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